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Flight Deck Trivia

Flight Deck Trivia

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Dive into the heart of the University of Dayton and its vibrant surroundings with "Flight Deck Trivia," a one-of-a-kind card game designed and developed by students from UD. Immerse yourself in 200 trivia cards, each brimming with captivating facts about UD and the local area. Perfect for two or more players, this game promises 10 minutes or more of spirited competition and laughter.

Game Highlights:

  1. UD-Centric Trivia:

    • Explore the rich history of UD and the surrounding area through 200 carefully curated trivia cards. Test your knowledge on UD Sports, Student Life, Overall University History, and history on the Local Area.
  2. Student-Made and Student-Approved:

    • Crafted by students of the University of Dayton, "Flight Deck Trivia" captures the essence and pride of the campus community.
  3. Engaging Gameplay Modes:

    • Classic Mode: Answer questions one at a time, collecting cards for correct responses. Be the first to accumulate 2 cards from each category for a triumphant victory!
    • Community Mode: Collaborate in teams, steal questions, and outwit opponents. The competition heats up as the other team can steal and turn the tide.
    • Chaos Mode: Unleash unpredictability by reading cards to others. Keep the chain going, introducing ultimatums and "double or nothing" challenges for an extra adrenaline rush.
    • Creative Mode: Let your imagination soar! Invent your own rules, share them with us, and stand a chance to be featured on our Instagram or Facebook page.
  4. Versatile Player Options:

    • Perfect for casual gatherings, game nights, or spirited competitions among friends and fellow students.
  5. Social Media Stardom:

    • Share your most memorable moments and inventive rules with us on social media. Join the "Flight Deck Trivia" community and see your creativity take flight!

What's Inside the Box:

  • 200 Trivia Cards

Celebrate the spirit of the University of Dayton with "Flight Deck Trivia." Gather your classmates, friends, or family, and let the trivia adventure begin! Will you soar to victory and be the ultimate UD expert?✈️🏆

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Katie Marx
Love UD

What a fun game for friends and family

Christy A
So much fun

It was the perfect addition to our Flyers basketball pregame fun.