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Dayton After Hours

Dayton After Hours

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Dive into a world of hilarious scenarios and inside jokes that only true Flyers can appreciate. This Card Against Humanity-style game is not just a game; it's a wild journey through the essence of UD.

Gameplay Unleashed: Gather your fellow Flyers, as "Dayton After Hours" takes the classic draw-and-match style to a whole new level. Each player starts with 7 blue cards, featuring scenarios that will have you laughing, cringing, and everything in between. Draw a red card, read it aloud, and watch the chaos unfold as players anonymously submit their best-fitting blue card(s). The red cardholder picks their favorite, awarding the red card to the winner. The first to collect 5 red cards claims victory, or reign supreme with the most cards when the laughter-filled deck runs dry.

Play Without Caution: "Dayton After Hours" is designed to let loose and embrace the unrestrained humor that comes with being a Flyer. It's your chance to relish in the camaraderie, quirks, and unforgettable moments unique to the University of Dayton.

What's Inside:

  • 50 Red Question Cards
  • 250 Blue Scenario Cards

For Flyers, By Flyers: "Dayton After Hours" is more than a game; it's a celebration of the shared experiences, inside jokes, and late-night adventures that make being a Flyer special. Bring the laughter to your gatherings, dorm rooms, or any Dayton after-hours affair.

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